We Can Only Make Education Work When We Are In It Together

by Debbie Zacarian & Michael Silverstone How do two separate people from different places and with different roles actually go about writing one sentence let alone a book? Our answer takes some explaining as it reflects what we believe is needed in education, now. Partnerships are key  The process of co-writing this book began by talking about teaching, talking to define what we were after as educators, and talking about what we thought was ...Read More

Corwin TeachALL Released in Apple Store!

Corwin’sTeachALL APP has been released in the Apple App Store! It is a research-based planning, observation, and reflection/evaluation tool that is intended for teachers, coaches, & supervisors to advance student engagement and academic performance & parent-school partnerships. It draws from teachers’ strengths using a four-stage model for professional growth to support the needs of ALL learners.  TeachALL includes over 20 video examples of elementary, middle and high school practitioners. Go here to learn more! http://www.corwin.com/learning/corwinteachall.html


US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently reemphasized the importance of the annual testing requirement. One of the key reasons he’s advocating for them is that they provide information about what’s working and what’s not. A coalition of civil rights groups also support annual testing for the same reason– as a means to “target funding” where it’s most needed– for the most vulnerable students including “children of color; children living in poverty; children with disabilities; homeless, foster and migrant ...Read More