Building Partnerships Through Classroom-Based Events, Debbie Zacarian & Michael Silverstone

Building Partnerships Through Classroom-Based Events, Debbie Zacarian & Michael Silverstone In the lead article of the Sept. issue of Ed Leadership, here’s how educators can design events that make families feel welcome, share their children’s learning, and integrate the rich assets they bring. As educators, we all want to build partnerships with families. We know that students benefit from the cooperation, care, and shared inspiration that such partnerships can create. But deepening family engagement ...Read More

Corwin TeachALL for Teachers, Coaches, & Supervisors

Many are asking for information about the Corwin TeachALL APP.  It’s intended for teachers, coaches, & supervisors to strengthen their work with students who do not possess the academic language/literacy skills needed for school success. Here’s a short two-minute video about the APP: Corwin TeachALL.  It’s available, now, in the Apple Store.  

Rethinking the Possibilities of Strength-Based Teacher Evaluation Systems

With all of the time, effort and money being poured into teacher evaluation systems, the outcomes of students from underrepresented populations have not changed enough to see that what we are doing is working. Only 61 percent of English learners, the fastest growing group in the U.S., are graduating and students with disabilities, American Indian and Alaskan Americans, Black students, students living in poverty, and Hispanic students, respectively, are not faring much better (US Department ...Read More

We Can Only Make Education Work When We Are In It Together

by Debbie Zacarian & Michael Silverstone How do two separate people from different places and with different roles actually go about writing one sentence let alone a book? Our answer takes some explaining as it reflects what we believe is needed in education, now. Partnerships are key  The process of co-writing this book began by talking about teaching, talking to define what we were after as educators, and talking about what we thought was ...Read More

Corwin TeachALL Released in Apple Store!

Corwin’sTeachALL APP has been released in the Apple App Store! It is a research-based planning, observation, and reflection/evaluation tool that is intended for teachers, coaches, & supervisors to advance student engagement and academic performance & parent-school partnerships. It draws from teachers’ strengths using a four-stage model for professional growth to support the needs of ALL learners.  TeachALL includes over 20 video examples of elementary, middle and high school practitioners. Go here to learn more!


Many are using social networking to get word out that the US Departments of Education and Justice recently released guidance and tools about teaching English learners.  The two agencies remind us all that ELs should “have equal access to a high quality education and the opportunity to achieve their full potential.” Educators across the nation are applauding the two Departments’ efforts to release this information and some are going further to say that more ...Read More


Many educational scholars and practitioners, including me, have written extensively about teaching students from underserved populations.  The focus of this work has included students living in poverty, from diverse cultural and racial experiences, and who are English learners. These are made more relevant by an ever-increasing population of students and families living in poverty, the significant rate of school absenteeism among our nation’s poor, and an increase in racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity among the ...Read More


A half a century ago, President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty and launched several initiatives intended to battle the ravages of a chronic and persistent problem. Among these was the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). It required that any institution receiving federal funding could not deny anyone access to any program or activity based on race, color, or national origin (Hanna, 2005). There were many educational initiatives that occurred during this ...Read More

Unleashing the power of academic language in this free webinar

On April 2nd at 3PM PST and 6PM EST, Corwin Press is hosting a free webinar where I will be presenting on academic language as it applies to the general population of students including those who possess school language and those who are learning it while attending school.  To register, simply click on the link below and press the red box labeled Register for Free Webinar.