Debbie Zacarian, Ed.D. & Associates, LLC is a woman-owned consulting business specializing in policy and practice, strategic planning, coaching, innovation, and professional development for educators and professionals working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations (including students living with trauma, violence and chronic stress, English learners, students living in poverty and students who do not possess the academic language skills needed to be successful in school).  Our ‘credo’ is achievement through access, equity, and engagement and our mission is to provide expertise to school districts, state and federal education agencies, professional and research organizations, universities, and others seeking sustained solutions in strengthening achievement and outcomes.

Debbie Zacarian

zacarian final9x12-cJan6Dr. Debbie Zacarian is known nationally for her work in advancing student achievement.  Her accessible explanations of the most current research into practical instructional, school-climate, and family engagement strategies as well as supportive strength-based teacher evaluation systems are widely practiced. She is a popular and frequent speaker at national and international conferences of major education organizations, including the Association of Supervisors and Curriculum Developers, Teachers of English as a Second Language and at state conferences throughout the United States.

Dr. Zacarian consults with state agencies, school districts, and colleges throughout the United States, has led and provided professional development for thousands of educators, and is the author of more than 100 articles, chapters, books, teacher training and coaching manuals, strategic plans, and policies. Her most recent professional books include:

An expert in policies and practices, Dr. Zacarian:

For over a decade, Dr. Zacarian served on the faculty of University of Massachusetts-Amherst. In addition to teaching and service work, she co-wrote/was co-principal investigator of a multi-year national professional development grant. She was also the founder and director of the Center for English Language Education and Advancing Student Achievement at the Collaborative for Educational Services and the founding director of Amherst Public Schools bilingual and English learner program where she and the district received many local, state and national honors for its work with English learners.