Using a Talking Stick Is More Than Speaking Uninterrupted

The first time I served on a jury, the judge announced that I would be its foreperson. I had no idea why I’d been chosen and wondered if it was a random selection, like the ball that pops out from a lottery machine, or if it had anything to do with the details I furnished on the juror questionnaire. After two full days of hearing testimony and a third deliberating, we pronounced our verdict, ...Read More

Using Our Voices to Uplift Our Communities

In the documentary series, Daughters of Destiny, about the Shanti Bhavan School, there’s a scene of a sex education class where boys are taught to take responsibility to protect and value girls and women. The series, about a boarding school that provides free PreK-12 education for India’s most impoverished children, demonstrates what’s possible when we work together to benefit our society. To me, the Black Lives Matter, Me Too, and Women’s Movements speak to ...Read More