Challenges Facing Suburban Schools

Delighted to have contributed a chapter to Challenges Facing Suburban Schools: Promising responses to changing student populations with these esteemed colleagues.  Here are the chapters:

  1. Demography and politics in the Changing Suburbs, Stephen Kotok & Erica Frankenburg
  2. Race, ethnicity and social capital in the changing suburbs, Carl L Bankston & Stephen Caldas
  3. Administrators’ accountabilities in changing suburban schools, Shelley Wepner and Diane Gomez
  4. Lessons for leaders about educating English learners, Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey
  5. A conceptual framework for the educational success of dual language learners: reducing the achievement gap, Eugene Garcia
  6. Effective literacy instruction for English learners, Maria Paula Ghiso
  7. Data-driven decisions of effective performance measures of English learners, Debbie Zacarian
  8. Closing the parent gap in changing school districts, Patricia Edwards, Lisa Domke, & Kristen White


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